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Frequently Asked Questions

What conditions can be treated with acupuncture?
Acupuncture can treat numerous conditions. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that over 50 diseases and disorders can be treated with acupuncture.
For the WHO list, click here.
What does acupuncture feel like?
Most people do not feel the needles at all because of their hair-like thinness. Some people feel a painless heavy sensation while others describe a sensation of immediate relaxation and calmness.
Are the needles sterile?
Yes. Acupuncture needles are single-use, sterile, and disposable.
What is a one-on-one private treatment like? (available at the 3249 Hennepin Ave. clinic)
In a private room, I conduct a brief interview of the client. I then have the client lie either face up or face down on a comfortable massage table. I use an alcohol swab to clean selected body points according to the condition. I then insert the needles and usually leave them in for 30 minutes. Most clients fall asleep or report that they feel very relaxed. After the needles are removed, at no additional cost, I may recommend another form of Traditional Chinese Medicine, such as tui na (Chinese medical massage). I may suggest the purchase of a Chinese herbal formula for the client’s condition.
How long does a typical treatment last?
For both treatment types, the first session takes about an hour and a half. All follow-up sessions take one hour.
What type of clothing should I wear to my treatment?
Please wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing. Most treatments only require that pants be rolled up to the knees and sleeves rolled up to the elbows.
How many treatments will I need for my condition?
For some acute conditions, like a cold or a minor injury, only two sessions may be needed. Although for some chronic conditions, such as low back pain, insomnia, chronic fatigue or depression, multiple treatments may be necessary. For chronic conditions, I typically suggest one treatment per week for eight weeks. Because all conditions and clients are different, I work with the client to determine the best treatment plan.
Do you accept insurance?
Currently, I do not bill through insurance. I do provide a receipt to a client that can be submitted to the insurance company for insurance reimbursement.
What forms of payment are accepted?
Cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted for payment.
What is acupuncture?
Acupuncture is the insertion of hair-like thin needles into the skin at designated acupuncture points. Acupuncture needles promote self-healing by restoring essential functions and balance to the body and mind.
What is acupressure?
Acupressure is gentle to moderate finger pressure at designated acupuncture points.
What is tui na?
Tui na is Chinese medical massage in which the patient remains clothed. This technique is used to alleviate tight and sore muscles, stimulate the body to self-heal, and create balance within the body.
What is Chinese herbal medicine?
Chinese herbal medicine is the use of single herbs or combinations of multiple herbs (called herbal formulas) to strengthen, support, and balance the body and mind. Herbal tea pills are one of the most common forms of herbal formulas in the U.S.
What is cupping?
Cupping is the use of glass cups that are placed onto the body via suction. This therapy is usually used for colds, coughs, and tight and sore muscles.
What is moxibustion (moxa)?
Moxibustion is a Chinese herb used to warm designated acupuncture points. This therapy is typically used to alleviate pain, remove cold, and strengthen the body.
What is Chinese food therapy?
Chinese food therapy is the prescription of certain foods (according to their properties in Traditional Chinese Medicine) to support, maintain, and harmonize the body and mind.
What is electric stimulation?
Electric stimulation is the use of very low levels of electric current that is passed through inserted acupuncture needles. This therapy is frequently used for paralysis, muscle atrophy, and brain and spinal cord injury recovery.

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