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Tlahtoki is truly a one of a kind TCM practitioner. I immediately felt comfortable talking to him about my ailments and knew he cared. His needling technique was wonderful and I felt no pain. He checked in with me throughout my treatment asking if any needles needed to be adjusted or if I was in any pain. Tlahtoki also performed tui na which was a new experience for me. Although I've had many different types of massage, I had never had tui na. It was great. It was obvious that Tlahtoki had a lot of experience and was very skilled at releasing the tension I had been feeling for months. I look forward to being treated at Blackstone Acupuncture for many years to come.


I started seeing Tlahtoki early in 2010 for severe hot flashes, the kind that leave you wrung out after dozens a day. I knew acupuncture would help as I had an excellent therapist help me find relief for that a couple years earlier.

What I didn't expect was the comprehensive level of care I found in Tlahtoki's hands. With the most engaging and compassionate approach, he spent time figuring out all the other menopausal problems plaguing me and then helped me deal with them successfully using acupuncture, a variety of Chinese medicine techniques, Chinese herbs, diet and coaching.

Today, with his help and care I have only 2-3 hot flashes per day, very few heart palpitations, excellent energy and best of all I am able to sleep well. Just try going with no more than 40 min naps for weeks or months on end and you will instantly kiss the ground of anyone who can help you find precious hours of real and healing sleep!!!

Tlahtoki is a VERY gifted practitioner, not just because of his excellent skills and knowledge, but because his care comes from his heart, something no one can teach another, but one of the most precious gifts a care giver can offer to his/her clients.


I have medical conditions that require constant lifestyle assessments. Tlahtoki’s [health-based] consultations have provided invaluable information, curbing complications relative to my condition. Tlahtoki’s recommendations of dietary considerations, healthy activities, and frame of mind play an important role in my quality of life. Additionally, Tlahtoki keeps abreast of new options and innovations, proving dedication to his field and his patients. For these qualities, I consider Tlahtoki a trusted source for me and my family.


I returned to Minneapolis in March of 2011 depleted, depressed, overwhelmed, and physically weaker than I've ever been in my life. I knew I needed to address my health issues as soon as possible or else have it get worse. I have long held a respect and deep curiosity for acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, but I have never been in a position to really experience it regularly and in such a profound way. After just one two-hour session, I knew why this ancient practice is coveted and respected around the world.

That first session was very nurturing and gentle. My strength and vitality have grown. I am committed to my health and I am so grateful to have found a practitioner such as Tlahtoki who compassionately listens and helps me to address and explore true holistic healing. I still have a ways to go to rebuild my nervous, immune and muscular systems. But I have confidence in the acupuncture I receive at Blackstone Acupuncture. I receive solid advice and I agree with the nutritional advice. I will completely recover and feel better than ever; this I know and believe.

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